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AT Medics, AT Learning and AT Tech are transforming the NHS through our provision of
primary care services, national training and development programmes and health tech.
Find out more about each of our operations.

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Award winning, largest provider of Primary Care services to the NHS in England.
We are a GP-led organisation, with quality improvement, multi-professional working and innovation at the heart of what we do. AT Medics are an exclusively London based provider, solely focused on the delivery of primary care services. We care for over 270,000 patients, through systematic approaches to clinical management, centralised and regional operation, underpinned by at-scale governance and safety provisions. Our technology and learning arms have enabled focused support, development and commercial availability of our approach.

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Our expert educators, practitioners and academics develop learning programmes for all grades of General Practice staff, delivered at-scale through a mix of online, face-to-face and blended learning.
We understand the evolving needs of General Practice, and as an NHS England partner in delivering national training programmes across the UK, we’ve improved healthcare through education for practices with a combined patient population of 4 million, helping to adopt new ways of working, and thus saving the NHS and its providers millions.

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Our dedicated health-tech organisation, developing and delivering proprietary analytics, business intelligence and patient facing applications to enable deep insight to population health, medicines optimization and a digital first patient and practice experience.
Our solutions have been adopted by over 1000 NHS GP Practices across the UK. Our dedicated development and customer support teams enable us to provide rapid and agile response to demands.